drong0 (drong0) wrote in leagueofjournos,

Some tapes I need tae flog

Ony of youse fancy ony o these braw tapes? Mak us an offer...

Alien Sax Fund - Too Much Ginger
Good Manners - Can't, Can't
The Bleach Boys - I've got a Square
The Darned - Stitch it up
Big Brown - Songs about Falkirk
Bog Country - Squeal Clown
Billy's Idle - Generation Y
Slack Bladders - Hoover the Hall
Highlights - Monday Girl
Green Cockle Club - Don't Hear the Piper
The Busttown Flats - I like Sundays
Poxy Music - Having Lunch
Projectile Headgear - My Dong
The Curries - Wha's Cherlie?
Candi Leaper - Tomb after Tomb
Deep Poople - Coke & no water
Depeché Mud - Personal Stereo
The Dours - Broke & through
Elvis Parsley - Live at Our Vera's
Eric Clapped-out - Live Yoghurt
The Stop-stops - Greatest Shits
Warm Cocoa - Your Socks are Thin
The Jelly - Eating Trifles
Johnny Cheque - Polmont Prison Blues
Kraftcheese - Autobairn
Sanity - One Step Behind
The Rogues - Mum Followed me in a 'Tash
The Ordinaries - To Mitch, from John
Golf Harris - Marsupial Bondage
Real 69 - Angles of thirty paces
The Sock Puppets - Never Mind the Blisters
The Cisterns of Percy - A slight case of Constipation
Slain - Come on feel our toys
The Jones - Thank the DJ
Status Quorn - Woking all over the World
Tofu - Best Of
The Chokers - No More Hamburgers
Fat Beth - Live in Dagenham
You as well - In the Gnome of Glove
You'll be 40 - Rodney's Whine
Ultrasocks - Dancing with Toes in my eyes
The Overtones - Middle-age Socks.
The Velour Tramline - Chalk on the Child's Side
The What - To Me.

Ah've loads mair, so jist ask if you're eftir onything else.
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